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AHV 1400 Series 

They are used as Remotly Controlled Safety Valves at the fixed LPG storage tanks, spherical tanks or LPG transportation tanks (from 30 m3 to 5000 m3), at liquid or at gas outputs, or at Piping Lines. They can be either placed directly inside the outlet of the tank or outside it by installing them inside a housing case.


ADIV 01-02 Series 

It is specially designed for LPG storage facilities and transport tanks. Used for liquid and vapor transfer, or vapor qualization. Can be operated pneumatically or manually. All criticall operating components are located in the valve body inside the container coupling for maximum protection aganist physical damage. Built-in excess flow valve.

AHO 1500 Series 

It allows the oil inside it to reach the hydraulic valves by hand pressing and by exerting pressure which forces the hydraulic valves to open and close.

ART 2000 Series 

They are used to measure the volume of the LPG in the tank mechanically. They are of various sizes depending on the diameter of the tank.


Aev-1100 relief valves are used to relieve the excessive pressure formed in LPG tanks and LPG pipes in general. The relief valves are set to open at a pressure of 17.5 bar. It is manufactured for stock tanks and LPG pipe installation.


ACL 2000 Series 

They are used to measure the volume of the LPG in the tank mechanically. They are of various sizes depending on the diameter of the tank.

AMV 100 Series 

It is designed for double safety valve and during maintenance, one of the safety valve is replaced while the other safety valve remains in operation.


AFV 2000 Series

They are used at the suction nozzles of the overhead inlet pumps. It prevents air intaking by obstructing the backflow of the liquid at suction step.

AAV 1000-Series 

Excess Flow Valves can be used for filling,vapor equalizing and withdrawal in containers or line applications.Valves are connected to the bottom of the tank for liquid operations. It can also be connected to the top of the tank in vapor operation.When the flow rate increases, the valve closes itself and remains closed. When the pressure is balanced at the inlet and outlet of the valve, the spring of the valve moves the valve to the open position


AFV 100 Series

The design of the filling valve, the upper and lower check valves open automatically when the LPG flow starts and the flow is ensured. When the LPG flow is closed and the hose coupling is removed, the lower and upper check valves are automatically closed to ensure the safety of the tank

AYCV - Series 

Back pressure check valves are manufactured according to the one-way flow working principle. With the spring inside, it is in the closed position and LPG does not flow out of the tank. When the flow starts from the outside into the tank, the pressure overcomes the force of the spring, allowing the check valve to open and LPG Transfer is provided. The check valve closes when the flow stops or reverses.


AVV 100 Series

It is specially designed to evacuate the liquid or vapor pressures trapped in the transfer line. It is widely used in equipment such as LPG transfer hose, Filling valve,Rotagage, acme adapters.

ALWV 100-Series 

Used to discharge the liquid LPG before moving stationary tanks, valves may be either top mounted with a bottom tube or bottom mounted.


TFHR 1000 Series

They allow winding up small size hoses used in transport tanks. They are manufactured in single or double reels to suit the required size and diameters. It is controlled by a pneumatic motor, thus making it easier to wind the hose. Can be controlled using the vehicle’s air compressor.

AFVAC - Series 

Provides fast connection to the 1 3⁄4” ACME connector. It is used at the end of the 1” transfer hoses of the LPG bulk tankers. Open-Close is made by a simple action. It includes a safety catch to avoid turning it on accidentally. When filling process has just got completed, the gas inside it is discharged with the Purge which allows closing the valve, it provides full passage and it has high flow capacity. It is leak tested under 25 bar pressure.

Filling Valve With Acme Connector 


Hose end swivel connector Allows easy connection to Acme filling valve and 360 degree rotation of the hose, preventing the hose from breaking and buckling.

ADV Series 

Ensures fixing the LPG pump pressure at a preset value. The desired pressure value is adjusted by the adjustment valve on the top.


ADP 2000 Series

Generally used with Autogas pumps to fix the pump pressure at the desired value (average 10 Kg /cm2). Inlets and outlets are R1” female threaded.

ADGC - Series 

Quick and safe connection of hose assemblies and loading arms to mobile and stationary tanks, under pressure and with minimised liquid loss. Both coupling parts


AKDA Series

Breakaway coupling is used with LPG supply hoses to prevent probable accidents which can happen when the vehicle moves while the hose is still connected to it.

AFT Series 

Strainer is among a group of valves that are used to filter and clean foreign substances that may be in the fluids passing through the installation, are frequently used in pipe installations, and have an mportant place for system helth.

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