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In the manufacture of LPG Cylinders, after the body is welded, air is filled in the LPG cylinders in order to control the leakage at points such as the body and colleret, the air escapes from the cracked welding areas to the atmosphere and these leaks are detected by the pool test. Thus, possible manufacturing errors are prevented With the unit, it is purified from the air inside LPG cylinder and will be ready for LPG filling.


Technical Properties

  • Cylinder Type: All types of Cylinder

  • Production Capacity: 150-400 Cylinder/h.

  • 4 Posts: 150-200 Cylinder / h.

  • 8 Posts: 200-300 Cylinder / h.

  • 10 Posts: 300-400 Cylinder / h.

  • Air Pressure: 6-8 Bar.

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