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LPG filling carousel

They are used as Remotly Controlled Safety Valves at the fixed LPG storage tanks, spherical tanks or LPG transportation tanks (from 30 m3 to 5000 m3), at liquid or at gas outputs, or at Piping Lines. They can be either placed directly inside the outlet of the tank or outside it by installing them inside a housing case.

stand alone filling plant

In stand alone type filling, filling can be done at the desired capacity with the filling scales placed on the special chassis. In addition, chain conveyor, roller conveyor and other machinery equipment can be integrated into a stand alone type filling plant. It provides the opportunity to have a LPG filling plant with a low budget but high filling capacity.

Easy and fast way to fill the cylinders. Low-cost and full-capacity filling plant. Capacity: Filling capacity up to 600 cylinders per hour. It can fit inside of the 40 ft container

LPG Skid filling plant

ADME Electronic &Exnet Mechanical Series 

Electronic LPG Filling Machine is produced for automatic fillings for LPG filling Carousel. It provides convenience to the user with many functions such as DATA Transfer, tare entry, calibration settings, filling start, number of cylinders filled with the help of the computer on it.It can work together with the automatic cylinder entry mechanism. In this way, LPG cylinders are loaded from the main chain conveyor to the filling scales without operator assistance. With the help of the cylinder clutch unit on the scale, it allows the cylinder valves to be connected to the filling heads automatically.


It is a system ensures that the cylinders to be filled are transported most efficiently to the other equipment which will be between the discharge and filling points.

Telescopic conveyors are manufactured to facilitate cylinder transportation to the transfer vehicles. The part that goes inside the vehicle can be produced between 3 meters to 11 meters as per the desired size. Operators can easily control the telescopic conveyor into loading and unloading vehicles without any serious effort. between 3 meters to 11 meters as per the desired size.

lpg telescopic conveyor

Cylinder Input Mechanism offers fast and safe transportation of the cylinders from the chained conveyor to the filling carousel. Input mechanism synchronizes the filling process of the carousel in a fast way. The Automatic Input Mechanism doesn’t load cylinders to the filling machines of which filling process is still not finalized yet. It waits for the next empty cylinder filling machine and

It is a special Electronic Check Scale mounted on the chain conveyor by a special chassis. It is used to control the weights of the filled cylinders. Correctly filled cylinders continue their path. If there are cylinders with weights more or less the desired weight, they cause problems. They are to be separated and sent to Correction Scale


There are different methods and machine systems to detect LPG cylinder gas leaks.

It ensures labeling of the checked cylinders after filling, it consists of an automatic shrink head and a vapour generator. Vapour obtained by the vapour generator outside the filling building is delivered through the pipes to the automatic shrink machine so cylinders passing on the conveyor get shrunk here.

LPG Cylinder cleaning system

Cylinders, which are passing through a washing cabin. Hot and cold water washed with two pressure pumps, Non-Stopage passing of the cylinders avoid time waste. Cylinders, which left the wash cabin, are dried with high pressure fans.

Before filling the cylinder it is used to paint it. Manufactured in one or two sided for any type of cylinders. Ensures collection of paint waste in the environment; cylinders are painted on the conveyor to ensure saving in time and manpower.

lpg cylinder painting

Used for hydrostatic testing for any type of LPG cylinders. Empty cylinders are compressed with pneumatic pistons. The water is pumped inside the cylinders with electric water pumps up to a maximum of 40 bar pressure. After the test is completed water inside the cylinder is discharged by air pressure. There are two models exist automatic and manuel.


In the manufacture of lpg cylinders, air is filled into lpg cylinders in order to be able to control leakage at points such as the body, choleret after the body is welded, and they are the machines used to evacuate the filled air before lpg filling.


Hydraulic Valve Screwing and Unscrewing Unit is used to replacedefective cylinder valves inside cylinder fabrication plants or LPG filling plants.

Defective cylinder evacuation unit is used to discharge LPG from inside the defective LPG cylinders. Discharged LP gas is transferred to the LPG stock tank by this unit to be re-used. There is a uniquely suitable filling head for each discharge head.

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