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LPG Filling




  Carousels designed for high-capacity fillings are produced in two different types, electronic and mechanical. Electronic or mechanical carousel selection is made according to the suitability of the scale models to be used. Automatic cylinder entry mechanism,Check Scale,Chain Conveyor,Tare Scale can be integrated optionally. The carousel chassis is dipped galvanized and thus becomes resistant to corrosion for many years. Carousels are produced in different diameters according to their filling capacity. min. 450 - max. 1800 cyl./h. (85% efficiency) The filling process has been made safer with the ventilation system installed under the carousel in order to remove possible LPG leaks from the filling platform.There is a pneumatically controlled valve located in the center column of the carousel. this valve is designed to minimize the potential risk of fire. During a fire, the valve closes itself automatically and stops the flow of LPG coming from the main line. 


  • It is a revolving system on which cylinder filling machines are fixed over. 

  • Provides speed and easiness for cylinder filling operations. They are manufactured in a compatible fashion to any LPG cylinder filling machine. 

  • Driven by an Ex-Proof motor redactor selected accordingly to the required filling capacity and the speed of the chain conveyor. 

  • There is a pneumatically controlled input mechanism used for loading cylinders to the filling machine between conveyor and carousel. 

  • To prevent concentration of gas leakage in working environment, accumulated gas should be removed. That’s why a ventilation system is placed under the Carousel so the concentrated gas is removed continuously. 


LPG filling Carousel

12 Posts

500-600 Cylinder/hr.

85% efficiency

18 Posts

700-900 Cylinder/hr.

85% efficiency


24 Posts

1000-1200 Cylinder/hr.

85% efficiency

LPG cylinder filling carousel mehcanical and electronic
lpg filling plant

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30 Posts

1300-1500 Cylinder/hr.

85% efficiency

lpg carousel

1600-1800 Cylinder/hr.

      85% efficiency

Technical Properties

LPG Installation

  • LPG Pipe Connection Size: 3"

  • Filling Pressure : Max. 17.5 Bar

  • Test Pressure : Max 26 Bar

Air Installation

  • Air Pipe Connection Size : 1/2"-1"

  • Working Pressure : 6-8 Bar

Electricity Line

  • Electricity Power : 12v

  • Voltage Single: Phase

  • Frequency:50/60 Hz

(ADTS) Filling Analysis Has Never Been So Simple.

  • PC and Mobile monitoring of real time production status

  • Automatic data collection

  • Automatic update of new software versions via internet

  • IOS & Android monitoring applications

Real Time Monitoring

Real Time Information

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