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Before filling the cylinder it is used to paint it. Manufactured in one or two sided for any type of cylinders. Ensures collection of paint waste in the environment; cylinders are painted on the conveyor to ensure saving in time and manpower. 


  • Production Type: Automatic Robot and Manuel by hand. 

  • Material: Galvanized or Painted Constriction. 

  • Ex-Proof Ventilation 

  • Ex-Proof Water Pump 


Technical Properties 

  • Production Capacity Automatic Robot: 400-600 cylinder/h. 

  • Production Capacity Manuel: 300-400 cylinder/h. 

  • Cylinder Types: 220 - 360 mm. all type cylinder. 

  • Paint Tank: 20-30 Lt. 

  • Air Pressure: 6-8 bar 

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