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Hydraulic Valves 

AHV 1400 Series 

They are used as Remotly Controlled Safety Valves at the fixed LPG storage tanks, spherical tanks or LPG transportation tanks (from 30 m3 to 5000 m3), at liquid or at gas outputs, or at Piping Lines. They can be either placed directly inside the outlet of the tank or outside it by installing them inside a housing case. 

lpg hdyraulic valve
Hydraulic Valve lpg

Technical Properties

  • Nominal Diameter: DN 50-DN 200 
  • Connecting Flanges: DIN 2533- 2535 ASME B 16.5 RF 

  • Operating Pressure: 20 Bar 

  • Testing Pressure : 16.5-26.5Bar 

  • On-off Movement Distance: 40 mm. 

  • Means of Operation: One way 

  • Opening Process: Oil pressure 

  • Closing Process: Spring pressure 

  • Hydraulic Connection: R 1⁄4” female thread 

  • Sealing Element: NBR, Teflon 

  • Main Body Flange: GGG-50 nodular cast iron 

  • Piston Casing : Honed seamless pipe 

  • Spring: Stainless steel. 

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