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Cylinders, which are passing through a washing cabin. Hot and cold water washed with two pressure pumps, Non-Stopage passing of the cylinders avoid time waste. Cylinders, which left the wash cabin, are dried with high pressure fans. 


Technical Properties

  • Automatic Robot System: 450 Cylinders/h. 

  • High Pressure Washing: 950 Cylinders/h. 

  • Online 8 Pieces Brush System: 900 Cylinders/h. 


Cylinders Washing: The automatic robot brush rotates along aside a fixed cylinder redactor brush with a detergent pump. The detergent is drained and rinsed out. 


Rinsing: In the on-line system, the brush is cleaned while the rotating cylinder passes in front of it, and rinsing is performed at the exit. 


Non stop brushing with water cleaning

Washing system with soapy water and scrubbing

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